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Pantaðu fyrir 5.000 kr eða meira og sæktu frítt á Dropp afhendingarstað


 At Musi Mus, our mission is to provide you tasteful, quality clothing your child needs to feel as comfortable, stylish, and happy as possible. We accomplish this through fashion-forward designs and a true commitment to quality.

Musi Mus products are inspired by classic designs that will never go out of style. From dresses to bodysuits, we have all of your child's clothing needs covered  and ready for any occasion.

 Clothing From Around the Globe

With countless places around the world that specialize in textiles and clothing manufacturing, we choose to have ours sourced in Europe and South Korea for a number reasons. Most notably, South Korea is a manufacturing hub known for precision. When compared to our competitors, you can feel the quality and pride that goes into every stitch. In addition, South Korea has very strict environmental and labor laws, which helps us keep to one of our core missions of creating conscious clothing you can feel good about purchasing.

 Shop Our Entire Selection

Launched in February 2021, we are a young company but are ready to expand our lineup. Shop our entire selection and dress your little mouse in the best clothing available.